PUBG NEW Snow-themed Map VIKENDI Revealed

Jan 8, 2019 • 3 min read


Brace yourself, as winter in PUBG has come! Everyone has been talking about PUBG’s latest snow map titled, Vikendi but what is it really about?

In this article, we have summed up a few NEW excitements of the new release:

1. New Map - Vikendi

Vikendi is the fourth map for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Sized 6x6 km, the square map is smaller than 8x8 km Erangel and Miramar but larger than the 4x4 km Sanhok. Despite not being the largest, the map features such as hills, frozen lakes, dense forest, a maze inside a dinosaur theme park and more to provide a better tactical experience.

2. New Excitement  - Snowy & Slippery

Move strategically around the snow! Bear in mind that footprints and tracks on the snow will stay for a while. Enemies’ movement is trackable and vice versa.

3. New Vehicle - Snowmobile
The floor is designed to add another level of complication. Vehicles will be more slippery in snow or icy areas. Don’t lose control of your vehicle as you speed up or drive up the terrains.

4. New Weapon - G36C Assault Rifle
The G36C Assault Rifle is exclusive to Vikendi, replacing the SCAR. It chambers for 5.56mm ammo which can load 30 bullets and 40 with an Extended Magazine. However, G36C has a lower and upper rail for attachments, but cannot attach a stock.

Sounds fun? Tell us what you think of the map and don’t forget to share us pictures of your chicken dinner!