Plair Alpha is now LIVE!

Apr 10, 2019 • 5 min read


The long-anticipated Alpha Version is now officially on!

Plair invited 1200+ community members globally to test Plair’s Alpha version and provide us with valuable feedback. In return, we have a standing pool of 250 Million PLA reward for these testers for Survey and Bug Submission.

This marks another milestone on the path of Plair's great esports adventure. The alpha launch is also the fruits of our dedication and hard work to revolutionize the esports world. Plair is a complete gaming ecosystem that players can enjoy the fun and satisfy their needs without even leaving the platform. We intend to establish and grow a community space where gamers can not only engage with one another through on-and-offline events and tournaments but where they will have access to tools that will allow them to earn a sustainable living and forge a career path in video game play.

Thank you in advance for the assistance you provide us. We greatly appreciate your support and encouragement on our journey to revolutionize the esports world. Please stay tuned, the public Beta is planned shortly after Alpha!