Plair's Historical First - Our 1st Dota 2 Tournament is Complete!

Jun 5, 2019 • 3 min read

Dota 2, Plair

Last week marks another milestone for Plair - we hosted our first tournament on the platform! The platform, something that we and the community build together, gathered players from all around the world because of our passion for esports. Since then, community members participated in many other tournaments and we have been sharing those precious moments through Plair's various social media channels.

Plair's Historical First (The match was intense!)

Thank You Note from the Team to the Community

The community PLAYS a big part in this for testing out the gameplay integration for us. To the team, no other Dota 2 tournaments could top that viewing experience. That excitement grew when we saw players all checked-in on platform, bought to the Dota 2 lobby automatically and start picking their character. Most importantly, users were having fun and enjoying something that we create! That's the motivation that keeps us moving. We want to say thank you to all who participated and those who offered great feedback! We will look into your suggestions, continue to make improvements and roll up more features.

Community members making history

Development Update

Gameplay Feature was launched last week in Alpha 0.5 and since then we have been hosting a lot of Dota 2 matches on Plair's Alpha Platform. Last week's updates include official tournaments hosted by Plair, automatic lobby creation functionality and more. We are rolling up more gameplay-related features on Plair this week with Alpha 0.6. Stay tuned on our social media for updates.