5 Reasons Why You Should Start Playing on Blockchain Esports Platforms

Jan 8, 2019 • 3 min read


Now that the platform development is at full speed, some ‘traditional players’ may wonder why they should adopt a new habit instead of going to their usual website to play. To make it simple, we have listed out the 5 reasons why Plair is beneficial to you:

  1. A Complete Gaming Ecosystem

    Plair is here to solve the fragmentation in the existing gaming market. By using Plair, you will have full control of your gameplay, from playing matches, organizing tournaments to interacting with your friends. You will also get PLA tokens, which hold real-life value, as rewards.

  1. Built to Empower Amateur Players

    Hardcore-focused platforms no more! You can rely on our platform to practice, coached by veteran players and play against gamers with a similar skill level. You will have full access of passionate community in an open platform without borders.

  1. Decentralized Online Platform

    Explore freely around the virtual decentralized platform! You will be offered the tools to find true community, play, and create value through decentralized means.

  1. Blockchain-powered

    Supported by smart contracts, our platform is safe and secure. The decentralized blockchain technology ensures data protection, monetization and transparency which improve your gameplay experience while reducing the cost.

  1. FREE

    Last but definitely not the least, it’s FREE! Traditional platforms may charge players and not reward content creators enough with the work they create. Plair won’t charge a thing from you, we are also creating functions that allow broadcast donation for you to earn more.