Dota 2 Hotkey Setting Guide for Newbies

Jan 8, 2019 • 3 min read

Dota 2

There might not be definite right or wrong in hotkey settings, but the tips we gathered from pros for efficient hotkeys are definitely worth a look.

What goals should I consider?

  1. Frequency - prioritize easily accessible keys to high-frequency functions
  2. Comfort - don't’ overburden a finger or two. We don’t want fingers to cramp, do we?
  3. Time sensitivity - give the fastest keys to the most time-sensitive function
  4. Lightning Speed - make sure you command the functions within a blink, carefully consider which keys to set with SHIFT / ALT + KEY

    How to Set the Hotkeys?
    Click the setting icon at the top left in the main menu. Here you can access the world of hotkeys. You have options from Reset Hotkeys, Advanced Hotkeys to Spectator Settings. We are going to cover Basic Hotkeys in this article.

    Arrow (Default) Hotkeys

    What are some of the Basic Hotkeys?

    Since you are new to the Dota 2 world, we won’t recommend overburdening your brain and hands. You can simply go with the two Dota 2 styles or the other six key binding options:

    1. Arrow - Dota 2 default hotkeys (Default)

    2. WASD - Dota 2 default hotkeys, camera movement using W, A, S & D

    3. Legacy Keys - Dota 1 style hotkeys    

    4. MMO - Key bindings similar to common Massively Multiplayer Online games

    5. League of Legends - Key bindings similar to League of Legends

    6. Heroes of Newerth - Key bindings similar to Heroes of Newerth

    7. Smite - Key bindings similar to SMITE

    How to customize the settings?

    If you are looking for a step further, we would recommend the following modifications. Do bear in mind this is something personal, so use the hotkeys that you feel most confident with.


    Go to advanced setting and activate the "Enable Advanced Quickcast/Autocast Hotkeys".

    1. Cast: Alt + Q, W, E, D, F and R
    2. Quickcast: Q, W, E, D, F and R
      *Enable Quickcast can allow actions with minimum mouse clicks.


    The clean hotkey setting is perfectly designed for smooth actions. Space is where the keyboard hand naturally rest and Mouse5 is usually at the side of your mouse. (Get a pro mouse)

    One important point is that you can try to be familiar with Quickcast as it can maximum speed as well.

    If you have better Hotkey setting, please don’t hesitate to share with the community!