‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’: Video Game Easter Eggs Explained

Jan 8, 2019 • 3 min read


The newly released Black Mirror: Bandersnatch on Netflix was a big hit, offering interactive experiences to fans of the show. While the 1984 golden age of PC gaming settings in London and various possible endings attract viewers, video enthusiasts couldn't help digging up video-gaming easter eggs. This article will decode video games related surprises appeared in the show.

[Spoilers Alert! Black Mirror: Bandersnatch spoiler content below.]

Nohzdyve is playable in real life

Top on the list, of course, is the playable Nohzdyve. In the film, Nohzdyve was created by Colin Ritman, a talented game developer in studio Tuckersoft. He showed Stefan (one time or few times depends on how you chose) this project he has been working on.

Credit: Tuckersoft.net

Netflix extends the storyline further by creating this website of Tuckersoft. You can download and play Nohzdyve for free: https://tuckersoft.net/ealing20541/nohzdyve/

But before getting addictive in the game, you’ll have to get a ZX Spectrum emulator. For example, we got it here: https://www.retrovirtualmachine.org

It’s truly amazing that we can actually enjoy this fictional video game with 1980s layout and style.

Background of Metl Hedd explained

Credit: Netflix

The poster of the Tuckersoft’s hit ‘Metl Hedd’ appeared couple times in the film, which is referenced to Black Mirror Season 4’s black-and-white “Metalhead”. It’s not hard to picture how exactly the game works if you watched the episode. Based on the introduction it’s about escaping from mechanical dogs and making through the way the world.

According to Tuckersoft’s website, it’s described as ‘Challenging’, and gamers have to go through a big learning curve. Imaginatively after countless in-game death, you shall become a master in the game.

Credit: Tuckersoft.net

White Bear and Pig in a Poke

Credit: Tuckersoft.net

The White Bear symbol appears frequently in the episode, including the cover of the “Bandersnatch”, and interactive buttons on multiple storylines. There’s also a scene showing it’s the number 1 game in a shop window display. But what exactly is the game about?

The poster shows the symbol comes in the shape of an ice-cube on the website and the game is described as: “A great icebreaker of a game of skill. Escape the flying ice blocks over and over, and remember to beware of the white bear.”

Credit: Tuckersoft.net

The poster of “Pig in a Poke” is referred to Season 1’s “National Anthem” Episode. The surprisingly joyful game was further explained in Tuckersoft’s website:

“Who’d have thought a ramble through the countryside would be so fun? You must escape from flying arrows and giant bees, squishing the little mice as flowers bloom all around you.”

A Throwback of Video Gaming

While some of the most famous game titles nowadays are MOBA such as League of Legends and FPS like CS: Go, it’s fun to do a little throwback and immerse one into the blooming of PC gaming. The age when games were less complex but yet addictive!