Dota Auto Chess Guide and Walkthrough

Jan 21, 2019 • 5 min read

Dota 2

The excitement keeps rolling in for 2019! First, the ‘most-liked’ post by social media Queen was dethroned by a picture of an egg on Instagram, and now a Dota 2 custom game, Dota Auto Chess, is taking the scene by storm. Not knowing how the game works may ruin the fun for you, so here it is - a basic guide and walkthrough of Dota Auto Chess presented by Plair!

The name is pretty straightforward itself. It’s basically an 8x8 chessboard featuring Dota 2 heroes. Players can enjoy being the mastermind behind the Dota heroes without getting hand cramps as the units automatically battle each other out. You will need to carefully strategize on these few factors for the win:

  1. Gold as the only resource

    Gold is the only resource in the game. The sources of income include the base gold in each round, for beating enemy(win) and winning or losing streaks(up to 3 gold). Gold can also be generated by interest from your residual gold as well(for every 10 gold you have banked, you will get 1 gold interest. Up to 5 gold).

  1. Maximize your gold gain

    Always keep an eye on the use of funds. Do some strategizing to make sure you win or lose for three continuous rounds to maximize your income. The worst scenario is you win or lose alternatively, this will slow down your gold gained. Some advanced players suggest getting a losing streak in the early game and sacrifice no more than 4 hp per round to exchange for gold. Some proposed to save 50 gold in the bank, and spend only the interest to gain the maximum 5 gold interest. These strategies will be crucial at the late game when leveling up chess count gets way more expensive.

  1. Spend wisely on unit levels

    Spend your gold wisely on levels. Pieces are leveled up by buying duplicates and using lower level heroes to create higher level units. Generally speaking, a level 2 unit is stronger than level 1 (Icing on the cake, it only takes up 1 chess board). Always be adaptive.

  1. Make good use of the reserve slot

    There are 8 reserve slots for you to temporary store chess pieces you are not fielding currently. Use the reserve slot wisely. You don’t have to get your dream team early in the game. Instead, you can store units for later level up combo without spending the gold way too early(*refer to point 1& 2). As there are fixed number of pieces of a hero available, keeping the right pieces in your 8 reserved slots can effectively block your opponents from using it.

  1. Unit strategy is a powerful tool
    This factor is so powerful that it often makes or breaks your game. The races and classes are the main sources of the synergy. You want to get the benefit of the best combo. Some popular combo would be two level 1 orc units to get HP increased by 250 for all orcs while three level 1 Assassin units offer 10% chance to deal 4x damage.

Gamers are made, not born

Dota Auto Chess is easy to play, yet difficult to master. Practice more, try out different game combos and grow to become a Dota chess master.