Zombies from Resident Evil 2 are coming to PUBG Mobile

Jan 28, 2019 • 6 min read


Map Erangel now comes with a horror twist! Imagine a world where you fight to survive while being terrorized by zombies......Already hit the test servers, PUBG Mobile 0.11.0 beta update presented a crossover 'Sunset' mode with Resident Evil 2 and is set to go live soon.

While the success of many zombie games is just a flash in the pan, RE2 holds its special position in the zombie gaming world. The game is a reimage of the original survival horror game Resident Evil series, a classic of all time(the horror begins with a deadly virus engulfs the residents of Raccoon City back in 1998), but only better. Many PUBG influencers and fans are having high expectations ever since PUBG Mobile started teasing RE2 collaboration back in December. According to the latest reviews, the ‘Sunset’ mode does not disappoint.

Just to get you better prepared for the battle, read the summary below:

  • The mode is called ‘Sunset’ as there is a day-and-night cycle. The idea is extracted from a plot that menacing zombies will come out in Sunset.

  • Unfortunately, it’s a time-limited event mode available on PUBG mobile for now.

  • RE2’s main theme, background, and music will be featured for a better zombie experience.

  • Killing zombies will help your survival as players will get resources and loot.

  • Watch out for the more advanced creatures, such as Licker and Tyrant, as they are highly aggressive and hard to kill.

We’ll have to wait for the further announcement to see when will this frighteningly awesome mode will be introduced to the public or whether it will be extended to PUBG PC, Xbox, and other devices.