50 Million PLA Up For Grabs! Sign up for Plair Alpha Test Now

Jan 10, 2019 • 4 min read


Thanks for your tremendous support along the way. Our platform will not be a success without the support of VeChain community members. Hence, we are now inviting 200 community members globally to test Plair’s Alpha version and provide us with valuable feedback. In return, Alpha Testers will receive PLA tokens as rewards. So be hurry to sign up, share this post or refer a friend who loves to game.

In the interest of gaming and branding. Plair’s platform will be using the new URLplair.gg. The Plair Foundation will continue to hold plair.life as their foundation website.

Sign up link: plair.gg (register with your email)

What to expect if you become an Alpha Tester:

  • Become an Early Adopter
    You will receive a private UAT link via email when the Alpha version is ready. You will be offered the unique experience of playing on a blockchain-based decentralized gaming platform.
  • Get Rewarded
    The 200 testers will share a pool of 50 million PLA tokens. Rewards will be distributed based on the value of the feedback, bug reports, and issues you submit. The tokens will be sent directly to you.

  • Be Committed
    Provide valuable feedback with a time limit. Your input and feedback are essential to our platform development and beneficial to the entire community. We will build a better version because of your great effort.


Without further ado, sign up now:plair.gg